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Inspiration and Creativity is drawn from some places you would never expect. TR Burns started in a studio apartment low on funds, but creative in flavor. He was successfully able to make many unique dishes from chicken. This moment sparked a passion to share his dishes in a formal dining environment. Friends and family raved about his cooking and it was then that he knew to open his first restaurant in 2009.

Today, Hot Plate Soul Kitchen has made its home on South Side of Bethlehem where it also serves as a place to gather the arts and entertainment, while enjoying your “hot plate.” Local and distant entrepreneurs travel to share ideas, develop workshops and build better businesses. Artists and musicians showcase their original music and artistic dynamics of the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. Hot Plates Soul Kitchen houses its “dreamers library” geared for the young to the avid reader who loves to learn and be engaged in new body of works.

Welcome to the place of culture, family, business, and most of all love, Hot Plate Soul Kitchen